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Hey Guys, this homepage is a private and experimental site . But if you like it anyway, feel free to send us an e-mail . Have fun here!

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Thomas Schäferhoff | Dice

Homepage of Thomas Schäferhoff

Hey guys,

this is the homepage of Thomas Schäferhoff.

Thomas Schäferhoff | Homepage


With this homepage I took, instead of a conventional navigation, a spinning cube to change pages. On each face of the dice

extraordinary homepage

there is a single page. Of course, this homepage is not really meant for productive use, like or, which I also wrote.

Family Gallery

The cube design

Schäferhoff Thomas

is just for the pure optics. The page looks like a crabs table and is in this way totaly different compared to other sites like www.henryaselkirk.


Despite lack of space I integrated a slideshow

extraordinary website

Email Form

and an email form

Family Thomas Schäferhoff

into the dice.

Video |

Here is an example video of how the site looks and works.


All in all I think that I have created an extraordinary homepage.

incrediable website

Best regards Thomas Schäferhoff